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A pleasure to use

I bought the 8 piece set as a gift for my wife. We both love using the knives. They are sharp and feel well made. We haven't had any issues in the 2 months we've been using them so far.

The only thing that might improve these knives is to put some dimples into the blades of the more broad knives. We find that certain foods stick to the blades when slicing. And I have heard that putting dimples in, reduces this as it allows air to get between the blade and food.

8" Damascus in style etched stainless steel Kitchen Knife

8" Damascus style etched stainless steel cooks knife with clear acrylic over abalone pattern print handle with some inset coins either side. pretty knife for chopping vegetables. I will need stronger magnets fitted to my wall. for its either quite heavy for my existing magnet bar or the stainless steel is less magnetable. I feel a little hoodwinked over the damascus steel misnomer but works as a utility knife very well. Comes nicely packaged the box will make a handy box for art brushes.

Great overall

Received a sharp knife and it felt good to hold despite me thinking it might be uncomfortable due to not having used this shape handle before.

Extremely Satisfied

When my wife and I figured it was as time to purchase a new kitchen knive set we decided to make a purchase that wasn't just practical but something that was going to be fun as well.
These knives ended up being exactly what we wanted and we like the look so much that we decided to hang them with magnetic strips on the wall behind the range so they really make the kitchen pop as well...
Please be careful people because these knives are extremely sharp!

Can you call a steak knife gorgeous?

Think of all the boring steak knives you have encountered…..
A beautiful porterhouse, Pittsburgh. Charred on the outside/cool in the center.
At this point you could go cave man. No need for knife or fork.
Not Santoku knives appear in your greasy hand. Place this gorgeous steak knife next to the steak.
Now you know what evolution to the highest Art/utility is all about.

Perfect Set

The knives came in a beautiful enclosed box. They were sharp and ready to use. The ergonomics of the handles is what I enjoy most, it is comfortable to work with. The blades are incredible. Easy to clean with mild soap and water.

Well worth the wait

Took ages to arrive but really happy with the knife.
Super sharp, high quality and just looks beautiful.

Damascus Abalone knife set

I’m so pleased with my knife set. Such beautiful handles and super sharp blades.
Absolutely fantastic! Great service too.
Thank you!

This knife is life.

What a beautiful blade. The handle being unique adds to its gorgeous-Ness. And the quality is amazing. I'm only an amature cook. But I use this for everything. So versatile. Will buy more. Also not to forget. The service. 5 stars on its own.

Unreal quality and Opulent

Beautiful craftsmanship and an amazing addition to the kitchen

Beautiful and functional

These knives are literally a piece of art!
Not only aesthetically gorgeous, they’re amazing to use.
Ergonomic, sharp and just awesome all round.
My chef son loves his as well! (Picture is his knife)
Will be back for more 👍😁


the best knife I have worked with


Absolutely beautiful! A work of art and so sharp and wonderful!! I found the perfect knife block for them!

Makito Damascus Steel Knife

The knife took a lot longer to arrive than expected, however now I have it, the quality is excellent and I am very pleased with my purchase. I will be looking to buy a full set in the future.

Excellent Knives

I first ordered a set of 4 knives, then looked at getting a other, which was the cleaver style, it was delivered a lot slower than the first batch.
But it finally arrived, it’s a good a really good knife, easy to handle with a good balance, I love the new knife just as much as the first batch.
Really well made and looks beautiful, great design it’s a must in anyone’s kitchen.

Best Buy I’ve made.

I’ve been a chef for some years now & I can say these knives are razor sharp & I can say there edges of the knives are holding up great. A must buy for any food enthusiast.

Fantastic nothing more to add

Beautiful birthday gift

I bought this for my husband for his birthday - he loves it! Good weight, beautifully made, live the pattern on the blade and in the resin handle.

Stunning 4 piece set

Absolutely beautiful!!! 2 week wait time - so worth the wait. Extra sharp! Already pricked my finger touching the tip. 😂 Will definitely be ordering more to make a complete set.
The knives are very well packaged. No damage. Very excited about my new knives. Now I can throw away a few I've had for years. I only want this stunning artwork displayed.


Beautiful knife. My first proper knife after I broke my tatty old chef’s knife from a set, well known brand, cheap set mum bought me 11+ years ago. Thought I deserve a decent one now. Not disappointed! Sooo sharp, well balanced in your hand. Handle is just beautiful. Customer service with this company is outstanding could not be more helpful.

3 piece set

A real Piece of art and super sharp don't get any sharper than these . Really happy with quality feel too good to use. Going to purchase more

Whetstone Sharpening Stones
Andrew Hatton (Wirral, GB)

Good quality stone keeps my knives razor sharp

Excellent start to finish

Saw these knives browsing, I have been looking for a good set of knives for while, these caught my eye being decorative, I bought the 4 knife set.
I ordered these and they arrived in less time as stated, which I’d great, packaging good, arrived in good condition.
I use a pinch grip style cutting method and My first use and wow they handle well, and feel comfortable, I was slightly worried that I couldn’t handle these so well without not seeing or getting to grips with them before purchase.
But these have exceeded my expectations, very sharp and well balanced well for me anyway, these are a beautiful knife set and I’m glad I chose them.
My worry is sharpening them, although i use a 1000 & 5000 grit whetstone on my older knives it scares me to sharpen new knives when that time comes.

Great purchase, would def recommend!

I bought the set of 6 knives for my fiancé roughly 2 months ago and she loves them! They look great, very well balanced and are still extremely sharp even though we haven’t sharpened them yet.
I’d highly recommend this set to anyone looking for a quality knife set